H7430H-High Performance 1/3” CMOS Surveillance Sensor

Product Overview
H7430H is a high performance surveillance class CMOS image sensor, which supports CVBS (Composite Video Broadcast Signal) analog/digital output, works with a single voltage supply and under wide temperature range, provides the full functionality of a single chip camera. It provides clear sharp and true color video/image automatically or via the real time control of the Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) interface if works with a backend DSP controller.

H7430H has an image array capable of operating at 60 frames per second in full resolution. It is ideal for applications requiring small footprint, simple voltage supply, low power consumption,superior low light sensitivity, and low cost color camera.

H7430H has an active image array of 733(H)x493(V) pixels. The timing generator outputs control signals to access the rows and columns of the image array, pre‐charging and sampling the rows of the array in series, and reading out the signal in sequence. On chip CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) circuits cancel the fixed pattern noise efficiently. AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and AWC (Automatic White Balance) block are used to control the gain and white balance under different light condition and color temperature to get a highly quality image. The digital image signals are processed in the ISP block, including the interpolation, bad pixel correction, color correction, gamma correction, sharpness, contrast and saturation control, data format conversion etc. The digital image data can be output via the programming of the output interface.

A high efficient video encoder and video DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) are implemented on chip to output the standard CVBS analog video signal.

Security and surveillance cameras
Digital still cameras and camcorders
Notebook and desktop PC cameras

Single  chip  1/3”  Sensor  with  NTSC  and
PAL CVBS output
Support 10 bit digital video output
Outstanding high temperature stability
Superior low light performance
Master/Slave  compatible  serial  camera
control  bus  (SCCB)  control  interface  for

register programming
Automatic exposure/gain/white balance
Low power consumption
Support mirror control with I/O
Support programmable parking line
Support IR driver control switch

Key Specifications
Optical format:1/3‐inch
Array size:733H x 493V
Output format:CVBS(PAL/NTSC),  RAW  RGB,  YUV422,
CCIR601, CCIR656
Shutter type:Electronic rolling shutter
Pixel size:6.35um (H)*7.4um (V)
Power supply:Analog: 3.3V (nominal)
Core: 1.5V (nominal)
I/O: 1.8V ~ 3.3V (nominal)

S/N ratio:45dB
Dynamic range:60dB
Power consumption:65mA@3.3V,  CVBS  output  single  power
60uA@standby mode
Dark current:5mV/s@40℃
Fixed pattern noise:<0.1%
Lens chief ray angle:0°
Package dimensions:40 pin PLCC (10.16mmx10.16mm)



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